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For your trips à la carte or for an excursion in the Tunisian desert
do not hesitate to contact us

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South Tunisian day trips in 4 × 4 From Djerba, Zarzis, Gabes, Douz, Tozeur

Camel rides or camel treks in the Tunisian desert


is a subsidiary of

Grand - Sahara - Adventures


Everything is possible, we work "à la carte". To create your trip to your liking you choose your dates and imagine your itinerary. You can also choose your hotels.

The 4 × 4 circuits allow you to go in small groups, each 4 × 4 can carry 4 people in addition to the driver.

On this site we give you a one week itinerary in "package" as an example but we can do especially for you, the circuit that you want.

If you have booked an all inclusive stay in a hotel you will probably want to discover Tunisia "authentic".


In this case we offer several excursions from your hotel in Djerba or Zarzis, example, our 2-day trip to the desert or our trip to Douz, or our excursion to Ksar Ghilane. In this way you will be able to discover the whole southeast region. Probably you will want to spend a night in the desert. To achieve this dream we offer a camp in the middle of nowhere or a step in our Saharan camp, you will live an extraordinary experience. It is also possible to leave for a single day.

In reality everything is possible with the formula "à la carte".

We will organize it.

When camel treks or camel treks, you live a nomadic life. During the whole trip, every day you will make a step and every night you will install a new bivouac. When night falls, near the fire, you will enjoy delicious local cuisine prepared by your guides.


Without a doubt it is the most beautiful way to discover the Sahara ... Far from the tracks used by the 4 × 4, you will walk between the dunes in magnificent landscapes.

The day unfolds at the rhythm of the sun and at night you will sleep under thousands of stars ... Camel rides or camel treks allow a return to basics.


Nothing useless, everything that allows life is transported on the caravan or found on the spot.

During the Camel trek, dromedaries will carry your luggage and others will be available to carry you when you want.


During the camel trek there are only dromedaries for luggage, you walk to their side.

Djerba Airport or Tozeur

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If you come to Tunisia for our trips, or according to your needs, we will take care of you as soon as you arrive at the airport and we will accompany you to your return flight.

According to your wishes you choose your route and duration

You can also, for example, arrive on your own to Douz or Ksar Ghilane, we will organize for you only the camel trek or camel trek.

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