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The most beautiful beach in Djerba.Djerbatour.JPG

Presentation of our guide agency.

A French Tunisian team based in Paris and Djerba, composed of tourism professionals:

Guides, drivers, camel drivers, cooks, desert men, passionate and knowledgeable about their history, Berber and nomadic culture and the Tunisian Sahara.

They will be your companions for your excursions and trips from Djerba or Zarzis.

A unique experience of the desert, encounters of endearing characters, landscapes breathtaking, this is what you will live and discover during your excursions.

Our day trips, tours, hikes and walks are designed to take you on the most beautiful places, the most "virgin" of southern Tunisia from Djerba, Zarzis and Tozeur.

From the Berber region of Tataouine with its perched villages called Ksours or Ksar singular, through the gates of the desert of Douz and Saharan camps, or the oasis of Ksar Ghilane, you can also discover the beautiful mountain oases Chebika, Mides and Tamerza, close to Tozeur.

We offer tours in 4x4 to the grand tour of southern Tunisia, camel for the desert experience or feet during our treks and hikes in the mountains of Jebel Dahar.

You have specific desires to discover the Tunisian south, you travel in group, with friends, with family?
We create tailored tours according to your wishes or by combining several circuits, so that your experience is unique and unforgettable. Meals and accommodation are included in our services.
The "à la carte" circuits represent 50% of our outings.

We are at your disposal so that your desires, your desires, your expectations are realized in complete freedom.

Your satisfaction, will always be our engine.

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