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Excursion Star Wars, la guerre des étoiles de Djerba Tunisie .jpg

Roadtrip in the footsteps of StarWars

Notice published: November 19, 2018  by mobile

A great week with an awesome guide who allowed us to relive the cult scenes, a real treat for the fans that we are, my friend and me.
Khaled was at our service and listened to us, even to the point that he allowed us to carry out extras that we had not originally planned.
Thank you again for this wonderful moment which filled our eyes and makes you want to taste Tunisian culture again and again...

Date of experience  :  February 2018

Circuit de 4 jours au sud Tunisie visite de Ksar Guermessa, Tataouine et la région Berbère et le désert à Douz et Ksar Ghilane Tunisie.jpg

Memories forever!

Notice published: November 19, 2018

The four days spent with this team were the most wonderful of our trip to Tunisia. There were certain passages, but several adventures seemed unique to us, well off the beaten track and always safe.

Date of experience  :  July 2018

Excursion et trek dans le Djebel Dahar et Douiret - Tataouine Tunisie.jpg

Tunisia desert

Notice published: November 19, 2018  by mobile

Great team! A very warm welcome! Wonderful landscapes! Excellent meals! To do absolutely!!!

Date of experience  :  July 2018

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