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We are a French-Tunisian guide agency specializing in Saharan tourism,

Based in Paris and Djerba in southern Tunisia.


Throughout the season from October to June we offer:

Excursions, circuits, treks, hikes and camel rides, 4x4 motorcycle or quad bike raids in the Sahara Desert of the great Tunisian Oriental Erg.


All year long you can discover the Tunisian south at your own pace and according to your desires.


You like the silence and the big spaces, you want to find the simple life of the nomads under the sun and the stars. So we take you on foot and camel back in the most beautiful dunes of the Tunisian Sahara.

You will find the rhythm of the sun and harmony with nature.


You will discover a living desert rich of a multitude of vegetable and animal species.

During the days of walking and bivouac, your camel will be able to decode for you the traces left by the "inhabitants" of the Sahara.

Also you want to discover the Berber region around Tataouine with its hilltop villages and millenary Ksours? We also organize excursions from Djerba or Zarzis for day trips or for several days.

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