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Private excursion to discover the great south of Tunisia.
Grand Sahara Aventures Reviews

Reviewed 2 days ago

I dreamed of discovering desert and oasis. Bruno from "Grand Sahara Adventures" has proposed a route to the map. On the spot, Khaled takes over. Private excursion over 3 days. The 4x4 was waiting for us in front of the hotel with Khaled and Kilani. Three magnificent days whose discoveries were growing. unusual landscapes, wild, authentic, grandiose. Direction Chott El Jerid, Chebika, Mides, 100 km of track in the desert.Magnifique. Ksar Guilane then the camp. Do not miss it.You are greeted by so much kindness. but also, the homestay meal. Then, Chenini with Adel meeting, the guide on site speaks 6 languages. There, they so much need us, visitors, to survive. Go to meet him, leave him the tip to allow him to live, buy souvenirs at this place; this purchase will make sense. It will allow families to survive on the land they love. We gave Adel some small gifts for the children of the village. The meetings will have been as beautiful as the grandiose landscapes, these memories will remain engraved a long time. Big thanks to Bruno for offering this kind of experience "off the beaten path". Big thanks to Kilani, in his beautiful nomadic outfit and driver unparalleled in the desert ... And big thank you to you Khaled for your kindness, your availability, your knowledge, your openness.You are a beautiful person as we like to meet in life. Good to you. Laurence and Franck.

Date of the experiment: March 2019

South Tunisia circuit to the Chebika oasis - Tunisia.jpg

Grand Sahara Adventures

Grand Sahara Aventures Reviews

Reviewed 2 days ago

We have chosen with friends a trip to Djerba, contacted Bruno Grand Sahara Adventure to establish a private excursion on 3 days. Bruno ns gave information quickly and very accurately. We are ready for a great adventure. With Khaled our Guide very generous and very knowledgeable he ns told his desert throughout the circuit he is now "our friend" and the remarkable Kilani driver with an unparalleled driving in the sand dunes . We have thanks to this beautiful team made a wonderful crossing of the desert, seen authentic sites, met very generous people, eaten at homestay, everything was fine. We recommend this agency for your excursions Simone and Jean-Pierre

Date of the experiment: March 2019


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Departure of camels in the Tunisian desert.jpg

Review by GoPlaces67014534775

Apr 30, 2019

Excursion desert camel and bivouac on 3 days
Excursion desert camel and bivouac on 3 days I went on an excursion in the desert with Grand Sahara Adventures, and I was completely satisfied. After comparing with other agencies, not only their rates are the cheapest, but in addition, their benefits are excellent, and this is not the first time I do this type of excursion in Tunisia. The advantage also, is that big sahara adventures, owns their own 4X4 vehicle, perfectly maintained, which is not the case of other agencies that rent vehicles more than doubtful. Khaled the guide and kylani the driver, are really professional and very friendly, they know the area perfectly and are an inexhaustible source of information, historical, cultural, geographical and geological. Definitely for my next outings I would call this agency, which I highly recommend. Thank you all without forgetting the camel drivers. Nicolas

Tunisian desert at Ksar Ghilane.jpg

Connector53800698379's Reviews

Apr 17, 2019

Exceptional day trip to Ksar Ghilane EXCEPTIONAL
An unforgettable day adventure, exceptional guides immersing us in their culture and making us discover the beauty of the desert and their country. We strongly advise the agency Grand Sahara Adventure for their responsiveness and professionalism.

Ksar Medenine- Tunisia.jpg

Review by stephanie511974

Feb 14 2019

An extraordinary day in the desert with the family
We spent a memorable day in the desert of Tataouine, Chenini etc ... in the footsteps of Star wars including, visiting different ksars and a Berber village. A big thank you to Khaled our guide for the day for his kindness, and the cultural enrichment he brought us. Thanks also to Kiki, an exceptional driver who knows Tunisia as a person and thanks to Adel, Chenini's local guide for visiting his Berber village. An unforgettable day, we took our eyes, it was fabulous. To recommend imperatively !! They make a la carte programs, you ask and Grand Sahara Adventures makes you a program as you wish. What changes tourism agencies by bus where you have to run without being able to enjoy. Congratulations to the team, keep it up, you have fully understood what TRUE tourism is.

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