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Tour from Djerba - Zarzis - Douz - Tozeur

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Tour to Tataouine and Ksar Ghilane, to discover the south of Tunisia. Trip over two days
The Berber region of Tataouine and the ocher sand desert in Ksar Ghilane

Program: Visits of many ksars, dinner and night in the desert at Ksar Ghilane

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Day 1

  • Departure in 4x4 for Medenine.

  • Visit the Ghorfas, former granaries with alveolar shapes,

  • Tataouine visit the spice market

  • Visit the Berber village of Chenini.

  • Lunch.

  • Road to Ksar Ghilane, oasis surrounded by huge sand dunes (Eastern Erg).

  • Possibility of ride camel (Optional).

  • Swimming in the hot spring, dinner around a campfire, Sahara vigil and night in Berber tents.

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Day 2

  • Breakfast

  • Departure for Matmata via Berber village of Tamezret

  • Visit of a troglodyte house and discovery of the lunar landscape offered by the region

  • Lunch

  • Return to your place of residence.

There are ksour and semi-cylindrical storehouses of granaries called Ghorfas.

The first of them were built around the 17th century.


Despite a dynamic Saharan tourism, the city retains its identity and its traditional architecture.

Its bi-weekly market Monday and Thursday is one of the most picturesque in Tunisia.

Beautiful and most visited site located 18 km west of Tataouine, perched on a ridge. You will discover the troglodyte dwellings, built in the rock. A beautiful 13th century mosque rising between two peaks

is also accessible.


Ksar Ghilane.
The most southern of the Tunisian oases and one of the doors of the desert of the Tunisian Sahara, the oasis is fed

by a source of hot water in which one can bathe and which would have thermal virtues.

It serves as a refuge for fifty nomadic families living from the exploitation of the date palm,

goat and sheep farming.


Tamezret is famous for its woolen weaving, especially the traditional bakhnoug woven on vertical looms, then colored and embroidered. The bakhnoug is a long berber shawl in dark wool

decorated with lighter patterns.

An Amazigh museum is located in the village: the museum of Monji Bouras presents the Berber traditions and the history of Tamezret.


Matmata is the name of a Berber tribe who is herself a descendant of the Temzit. Hung on a mountainside,

this village is renowned for its remarkable troglodyte dwellings which make it one of the top places of Tunisian tourism.

Our tours include meals and accommodation, either at the hotel or at the inhabitant.

Price per person based on 4 people: 180 € (*).

Price per person for 3 persons: 240 €

Price per person for 2 people: 360 €

Decreasing price according to the number of participants.


(*) The price includes:

Transport by 4x4 car on the basis of 4 people per car. The services of a licensed ONTT guide. Full board from lunch on the 1st day to lunch on the last day.

Are excluded from the price: Beverages of all kinds .. All that is not mentioned in the heading "the price includes".