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From Djerba - Zarzis - Douz - Tozeur

Tour in the heart of the Tunisian South Berber region, Excursion over two days
On the program visits many ksars, dinner and night in a troglodyte house

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Day 1

  • Departure from your place of residence for the visit of Ksar of Medenine.

  • Visit Ksar Hadadda, (Star Wars movie sets).

  • Visit the citadel of Guermassa.

  • Lunch break in a typical restaurant in the village of Guermassa.

  • Guided tour of the village of Chennini.

  • Departure for the village of Douiret through a beautiful mountain road.

  • Installation and dinner in a cottage located in the former village of Douiret.

Day 2

  • Visit the village of Douiret.

  • Departure for the visit of Ksours.

  • Visit Ksar Beni Barka.

  • Visit of Ksar Ouled Soltane

  • Visit of Ksar Ezzehra.

  • Lunch break in the city of Tataouine.

  • Return to your place of residence

Ksour of Tunisia are granaries (ksar singular) for the use of one or more tribes. They are mainly concentrated in the south-east of the country, in the area between Matmata and Tataouine, where there are about 150.


These ksour are part of the cultural heritage of this region of Tunisia and testify to its historical and sociological evolution.


The ksar is usually provided with a single entrance, protected by a door, except in the case of plain ksour. These places are used for social life: To meet, welcome visitors and carry out commercial transactions.

On the courtyard, open ghorfas, four maximum, arranged on the ground floor or floors. Some ksour have a second court if they have experienced an extension, as is the case of Ksar Ouled Soltan who has 440 ghorfas while the average is between 150 and 200.

The ghorfas are superimposed cells, closed on the outside, presenting the appearance of a compact wall. Small pieces four to five meters deep and two meters high and wide, they serve to store for long periods of time up to seven years of drought of food products: cereals in the lower part, possibly in compartments separated by low walls, olives and cheeses hung on olive wood bars located in the upper airy part by two opening holes in the outer and inner walls.

The different ghorfas are joined but do not communicate, unless they belong to the same owner, and no corridor can move horizontally between them, they are not always at the same level. It is accessed by a rudimentary staircase or by olive wood bars inserted into the wall. Sometimes a small, discreet space is set up between two ghorfas to hide valuable possessions.

Tataouine is the capital of the Berber region of southern Tunisia, the starting point to discover the ksour and nearby Berber villages as part of your tour "On the footsteps of Berbers". These villages are perched on top of the rocky hills. The Berbers fled the plains at the time of the invasions, and transformed the caves of these hills into troglodyte dwellings.


Ksar Hadada
5 km north of Ghomrassen, consists of 380 ghorfa on one floor. He served as a backdrop for the movie "Star Wars" in 1999.


It will take a 4x4 to reach the old Guermessa, Berber village hanging on the hillside, unfortunately less preserved village than others.


Beautiful and most visited site located 18 km west of Tataouine, perched on a ridge. You will discover the troglodyte dwellings, built in the rock. A beautiful 13th century mosque rising between two peaks is also accessible.


Less popular than Chenini, Douiret is one of the most beautiful villages in the region, perched on a hill 22 km southwest of Tataouine. Houses built in the rock, stairs lead to the top of the hill to discover an exceptional point of view.


Ksar ouled Soltane
Ksar 4 floors, an Arab Ksar and not Berber, not fortified.
Constituted of the most beautiful ghorfa with 4 stages.


Ksar Ezzahra
This Arab Ksar as beautiful as that of Ouled Soltane 4 floors with two courses also.

Our tours include meals and accommodation, either at the hotel or at the inhabitant.

Decreasing price according to the number of participants.


(*) The price includes: Transportation by 4x4 car on the basis of 4 people per car. The services of a licensed ONTT guide. Full board from lunch on the 1st day to lunch on the last day. Are excluded from the price: Beverages of all kinds .. All that is not mentioned in the heading "the price includes".

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