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Tour from Djerba - Zarzis - Douz - Tozeur

Welcome > Our trips > Trek berber and night in the desert. 3d

Trekking tour to Tataouine
After the trek, dinner and night in troglodyte house, then the door of the Tunisian desert
visit ksar Ghilane and dinner and night in the desert. Three day tour

Tataouine-Douiret-desert Tunisia.jpg
Map of Tataouine-Douiret.jpg

Day 1

  • Departure by the Roman road for Tataouine.

  • Visit Ksar Ouled Soltane.

  • Visit Ksar Beni Barka.

  • Lunch break in a restaurant in the village of Guermassa.

  • Guided tour of the village of Chenini and 2 hours of walking in the mountains to reach the village of Douiret.

  • Installation and dinner in a troglodyte house located in the former village of Douiret.

Day 2

  • Visit the village of Douiret.

  • Departure for Ksar Ghilane by the track.

  • Free time for visit and bath in the hot spring.

  • Lunch in a restaurant at the foot of the dunes

  • Departure by the track for the camp, dinner and private tent accommodation in the desert.

Day 3

Ksar Ouled Soltane-Tunisia.jpg


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Grand - Sahara - Adventures

  • Departure for Matmata, visit of a troglodyte house at the inhabitant.

  • Visit the Berber museum.

  • Lunch at the bed and breakfastt.

  • Departure for the visit of Toujane (the largest inhabited Berber village).

  • Back to Djerba.

Départure by the Roman road to reach the continent, already the landscape is more arid than on the island, we will go along a salt lake, a geological depression.

We arrive at Tataouine capital of the Berber region with Medenine, here begins a desert rock landscape, it is the region ksours (Ksar) in the singular, and Ghorfas these granaries of provisions defended by their perched and enclaved.

We will start the visits by

Ksar Ouled Soltane
Located southeast of Tataouine, is one of the most remarkable ksour of Tunisia.

This ksar offers the particularity of having a second courtyard, dating from the nineteenth century, which extends the first built in the fifteenth century. It has a record number of 400 food storage cells, called Ghorfas, which are spread over four or five levels.

Then the ksar Beni Barka eight centuries old.

We will have lunch in a restaurant in Guermassa before joining Chenini and start our trek.


Very beautiful site and the most visited located west of Tataouine, perched on a ridge. You will discover the troglodyte dwellings, built in the rock.


Departure for 2 hours of walk through the hills to reach the village of


It is divided into two parts: The old village, consisting of troglodyte dwellings dug in the hills, and the new village located on a hillside. The old village is made up of small dwellings, called ghiren (plural of ghar meaning cave), which bear the surname of their owner.


In the evening, we will settle in a troglodyte hotel or we will have dinner and spend the night.

After breakfast we will visit the village before leaving in the desert to

Ksar Ghilane.
The most southern of the Tunisian oases and one of the doors of the desert of the Tunisian Sahara, the oasis is fed by a source of hot water, source from a failed oil drilling in 1953, instead of finding oil, the drillers have found a water table, 700 m deep. The water flows to the surface at 32 °, it is very sulfur, you can swim there, it would have thermal virtues.
We will have lunch at the foot of the ocher dunes, you can also take a camel ride or quad extra.
Ksar Ghilane serves as a refuge for some 50 nomadic families living from the exploitation of date palm and goat and sheep farming, Tunisia.
To 4 km from Ksar Ghilane, Tisavar, a fort dating from the Roman era of the Emperor Commodus.

Tisavar is a rectangular construction, the walls, built in stone to a height of 1.50 m, in smaller rubble above. It served as an advanced post and base camp for their Saharan expeditions. it also allowed to control the caravans that carried their wealth to the coast.

The old building is then occupied in the Middle Ages.

The Tunisian government proposed it on February 17, 2012 for a future ranking on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

After the meal, en route for 18 km of track, through the sand dunes to join the Saharan camp.

After the installation under your tents (Big tents under which you stand), you will be able to attend before the dinner at the ceremony of baking bread in the sand. Free time the night belongs to you. The night under the starry sky of the desert is an unforgettable experience!


On the third day, after a continental breakfast, we will leave for

Matmata is the name of a Berber tribe that gave its name to the village. This village is renowned for its remarkable troglodyte dwellings which make it one of the most important places of Tunisian tourism. These are houses dug in the side of the mountain around a large, usually circular well. Around this well constituting the courtyard of the house are hollowed longitudinally and in stages the rooms which will be used for the lower floor of rooms (camour), of kitchen (matbakh), sheepfold for the goats and stables, the upper floor being reserved for storage (makhzen) cereals, dates, olives and dried figs.

We will also visit the Berber museum before lunch a delicious meal at the inhabitant.


On the return to Djerba, we will stop at the village of Toujane.

At the bend of a promontory, stands this sumptuous village nestled in the Jebel Dahar.

Built by Berbers around the 12th century at 700 meters above sea level. The village is overlooked by the ruins of an old ksar. The traditions are perpetuated today by the descendants of Berber families, anxious to transmit the lifestyle of their ancestors. It is a rare village where we still speak Berber.

Toujane is also known for his magnificent kilims made by women

Our tours include meals and accommodation either at the hotel or homestay.

* Decreasing price according to the number of participants.


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(*) The price includes:

Transport by 4x4 car on the basis of 4 persons by car, the services of a licensed ONTT guide, accommodation, full board from lunch from the 1st day to lunch on the last day.

Are excluded from the price: Beverages of all kinds .. All that is not mentioned in the heading "the price includes".

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