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is a subsidiary of

Grand - Sahara - Adventures




Tour departing from Djerba, Zarzis, Gabes, Douz and Tozeur

Trip to Tataouine, Chenini and Douiret
To discover, the Berber region of southern Tunisia. Excursion over two days

After the trek in Djebel Dahar, dinner and night in troglodyte house in Douiret

Trek to Tataouine Tunisia.jpg

Day 1

  • Departure at 6am from your place of residence.

  • Direction the village of Douiret 2h30 drive.

  • Departure for the day trek in Jebel Dahar.

  • From Douiret to Chenini. Duration 3h30

  • Lunch in Chenini.

  • From Chenini via 7 dormant back to Douiret. Duration 2h30

  • Dinner and night in troglodyte cottage in Douiret.

Map of tataouine Tunisia.jpg

Day 2

  • After breakfast.

  • Departure by 4x4 car to Chenini, 45 minutes.

  • Departure of the Chenini trek to ksar Guermassa. Duration 3h30

  • Lunch at Guermassa.

  • Visit Ksar Guermassa. Duration 1h30

  • Departure for the return in 4X4.

  • Deposit at your place of residence.

The Berber region of Tataouine is home to natural wealth, heritage and human, they are a mine of priceless treasures.

The visit of this region is a wonderful journey by the beauty of its landscapes, the generosity of its inhabitants and the history of its ancient civilizations


Ksar Ouled Soltane located southeast of Tataouine, is one of the most remarkable ksour of Tunisia.

This ksar offers the particularity of having a second courtyard, dating from the nineteenth century, which extends the first courtyard built in the fifteenth century. It has a record number of 400 food storage cells, called Ghorfas, which are spread over four or five levels.


Ksar Guermassa

At Guermassa, the population lived in caverns carved in the soft layers which alternate with the pebbles of hard rock, on two floors the dwellings are sinking into the mountain.

It will take a 4x4 to reach Ksar Guermassa, this Berber village hung on the hillside. Taking the path to Guermassa is a unique experience.



Beautiful and most visited site located 18 km west of Tataouine, perched on a ridge. you will discover the troglodyte dwellings, built in the rock. The road that leads to Chenini is incredibly beautiful, in a deep gorge, the village emerges it looks like a fortified city in ruins, with huge caverns.

Departure from the village for 2 hours walk through the hills to reach the village of Douiret



The Berbers built a ksar on the most impregnable location, they used it to store food, oil, barley, wheat, dried figs and dates, olives, for reservation.

Four small ksar had been built on the mountains around Douiret, at the four cardinal points, in advanced surveillance posts.

Douiret is divided into two parts: The old village with its troglodyte dwellings dug in the hills, and the new village on the hillside. The old village is made up of small dwellings, called ghiren (plural of ghar meaning cave), which bear the surname of their owner.

Our tours and excursions include meals and accommodation, either at the hotel or at the inhabitant.

* Decreasing price according to the number of participants.


(*) The price includes:

Transport by 4x4 car on the basis of 4 people per car .The services of a licensed guide ONTT. Full board from lunch on the 1st day to lunch on the last day.

Are excluded from the price: Beverages of all kinds .. All that is not mentioned in the heading "the price includes".

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